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Welcome to Gabbie’s Garden in service to our community of families since 2008.  Gabbie’s Garden is where you will find the most healthy foods for kids of all ages. We use 100% Organic products with no added sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives.  We believe that healthy and great tasting foods need not be altered - ever.
Be sure to visit our sample menu page to learn more about Gabbie’s Garden organics for children.  Our experience is that once they’ve tried them, they’ll ask for more day after day.  
Philanthropy is at the heart of Gabbie’s Garden origin-ality, dating back to the early 1900s, in the kitchens of Gabbie’s Great, Great Grandma Rose. You see, she spent her every day cooking and feeding her eleven children - yes eleven - and all the children in a small town in Pennsylvania. Gabbie’s Great Grandma, in turn, took this tradition to another small town in Massachusetts.  Now, Gabbie’s mom continues this tradition in SF Bay Area - one community at a time.  Gabbie’s Garden recipes  were borne of years of love and hard work to feed children fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
We are proud to have this legacy.  We will always be committed to feeding our children healthy foods in love and service to families everywhere.   Gabbie’s Garden is also committed to philanthropic deeds throughout our community at local food banks and nationally to Feeding America.  
We want children everywhere to grow up healthy and happy and we’re here to make this happen.  Take pride in knowing that we will accomplish this together.  

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